Newborn Babies

Did you ever gaze upon the face of a newborn baby? What did you see? I have and I am grateful everyday for my four beautiful daughters. I have had the most amazing experience raising them. What a gift children are. As I looked into those eyes of my newborn baby girls I could see such depth. You wouldn’t think so but their eyes were so expressive as if talking with a determined eager stare . Have you ever wondered what a newborn is thinking. I have and I could just imagine in my hearts eye that they were asking, “Mommy is my new room ready?” Is it pink like I wanted? Mommy I want lots of teddy bears! Oh and Mommy please,  I want a baby doll that I could name and call my own. I bet my life will be wonderful because I have the best parents in the world.” Sadly for so many children this is not their reality.

I have hidden within a protective shell the longings of childhood….the right that I was born with. We are all born with the right to be treated as a child. It is an expectation to be loved and cherished. I know that I am not the only one with these persistent painful longings. Some of you readers have them as well, don’t you? What do we do with the emptiness that was placed so deep inside. It seems so hard a chore to walk around on this earth with this vast hole within. Its invisible and empty and yet so heavy. That almost doesn’t make sense. But there are those who truly understand what I mean by that and it makes perfect sense to them as well. It is a deep void that can take a lifetime to try and fill. Could it be true that there are those who have had a happy childhood. It’s scary to think that they are in fact the ones who are rare.


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