Crystal clear,

like the sparkling blue sea,

you were given of a prayer on to me.

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I never took for granted,

all those cherished times,

that all good mother’s do,

I never wasted time.

When I held you close,

your heartbeat like a rhyme.

Cuddled next to me it was in perfect time.


Life seemed so simple,

all those years ago.

I did not know how fast you would grow.

With each passing year,

you reached farther away.

I never dreamed that it,

would bring us here today,

My beautiful daughter,

given from a prayer.

What more can I say,

to convince you that I care.

Muscle Project Pics 280

It was time spent away,

that a wedge between us came,

When did it happen that the sun,

turned into rain?

I wish for you with all  my heart,

that you remember,

I lost my way.

But God has said,

my efforts to be mended,

has brought us here today.

I have the strength forgive,

for there are lessons,

that help us grow.

In these small little words we see,

that the there are pains that effected us both.

Muscle Project Pics 1236

This pain of my past,

though beyond my control,

has effected our relationship,

to this I hope you know.

A women now,

you have become,

to understand the knowledge,

that all has not been undone!

Try and look past the missing parts,

to see that my deep affection for you,

as always been there from the start.

As you begin your life out on your own,

I hope you become aware,

that a wedge or even a mountain

can not break the true love that we share.

No argument or anger,

is worth losing that bond,

that grew in our hearts,

and to which you held on.

The next time that it should arise,

that you hate me for what you lost.

I hope that the memories of lullaby’s,

and stories read will come up,

into your heart,

and grow to replace the missing years,

that angered you from the start.

Muscle Project Pics 1238

Please find a smile for the woman,

who dearly loves her child,

knowing all the while as any adult would,

there is no perfect mother or child,

we are just trying hard to find the good.

Just know that I did my best to love you,

and help you grow to become the woman,

you are today,

Confident, caring,

intelligent enough to forgive,

of the missing parts of your life that was taken away.

Tears were placed upon your heart,

beyond my control.

for the mending of my past lacks a mother like yours.

To this someday I hope you see,

that I had the right to mend so that I could be,

the best parent to you and maybe someday,

even your friend.

So my darling daughter forgive me please

and I know my prayer will be answered,

just as it was so long ago,

that I get my baby girl back.

To this argument or anger,

I beg for a reprieve,

Please, there is so much life left,

for both of us to live.

I have much mothering still left to give.

Daughters always need there mothers,

there whole life long.

Let me be there and help you see,

that when I prayed for you,

I cherished what my job was,

and I won’t stop until its done.

I love you………..

from Mom

Dedicated to my beautiful daughter Crystal.

crystal (2)



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