State of Grace

What lies within,

hidden by her deceptive grin.

A child and yet,

a child no longer she is.

Let me in cry pleadings,

from those in her world.

From all those who,

claim they care.

Behold the women,

masking the fears of a much younger girl.

Through the door and into her mind,

all have entered but no one can find,

the answers to the mysteries locked inside.

Beyond the cobwebs of the past,

Beyond the dreams that didn’t last.

Through the ghetto of despair,

look now there’s no one there.

Look past the horizon that never was.

Catch a glimpse of the dreams that didn’t come.

The triumphs that were never one.

Be careful, don’t fall in the hole,

for fear no would know.

Its a trap carefully placed,

its the entrance to the gate.

Steer clear of there,

there is no escape.

A mother she’ll choose you to replace.

She will cast her eyes upon you,

with a tear stained face.

Please Please she’ll beg,

my own was lost without a trace.

I have yet to find a marker,

or even a sign.

Why mine?

My mother like no other,

was lost by another.

Do you see my tear stained face,

Could you by some state of grace,

See a child crumpled and spent?

Pathetic and lonely she went.

Doing her best different than the rest.

Doing with out.

I ask you again,

even though this is now and that was then.

Be a mother like no other.

Heal the wounds that fester.

Look past the woman to see the child.

Cast your eyes upon her face.

Could you by some state of grace,

dry the tears that stain her face.

Linda Booth


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