Crimson Tears

Endless crimson tears,

for my child of yesterday.

Emotion of invalid reason.

A barrage of impulsive escape.

A love so yearned for,

but never mine.

Beholding times of crushed wantonness,

within empty corridors of time.

Stifling the growth of future success.

But no rest.

Instead a world of endless tears.

A world of nothingness and fears.

Seeking the needs forbidden,

within the seasons passed,

and forgiveness from the guardians,

of my time at last.

Looking for rescue outside myself,

searching my soul within.

Revealing all dark and comfortless,

for the blinded idle sin.

Sacrificing my true self,

no matter what the cost.

Open arms of nothingness,

embracing life lost.

With worthiness always in question,

and always hanging by a thread.

I still press on,

I still choose life,

because life is all there is.

Linda Booth


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