Gray Days

This is a random piece of writing.

I am writing about my mood and feelings. Dealing with healing from trauma at times leaves me with this sick pain in my gut. It  seems to be unrelenting. It does leave but only to return at some undetermined time to reek havoc on my life. Today is one of those days. I should like to, bury my head under mountains of blankets so as not to have to deal with the world. It is much too painful at times.  Therapy can draw out painful memories that have a habit of lingering for days after. Then there is the nightmares. It be great if I could wish them away. Nightmares are not a choice just like dreams. I have to spend the next few hours after a nightmare, grounding myself in reality to assure myself that I am safe. It is hard to have a positive attitude all the time when you face these gray days.

Make no mistake, child abuse has a ripple effect that can last a lifetime.

Never underestimate the damage of CHILD ABUSE



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