Notice the Metaphor

Notice the Metaphor that reflects the truth

as a flower blooms so does thy youth.

He does giveth,

others take away.

The flower lives,

to present day.

Continuing to bloom,

she grows weary.

Weeping and turning downward,

and inward.

Her petals begin to fall.

Her beauty short lived.

Misunderstood by all.

He that gave her this beauty grand,

is the one to truly understand.

Others try and take away.

her right to live her life today.

With freedom from fear,

a life without tears.

Given back by gentle hands,

A restful soul.

A prayerful chance.

A gentle seed brings forth dreams,

but fighting to live and cheated by schemes.

The others fair to have their way,

to take that flowers dream away.

Despite the others that she sees,

in her family history,

who threaten to trample and crush.

He has given back her ability to trust.

At least for today,

Tomorrow who can say.

The others may have their way.

Her life is put back in balance,

for awhile.

He has given her flower,

a reason to smile.

He is the one with the  master plan.

He is the one who has been,

holding her hand,

or petal as it were,

from a seedling to a flower.

He has been there when shes scared.

Although the others try,

he’s the reason that her,

flower hasn’t died.

She is searching for answers,

but they make the rules.

They think that they know,

the path that she should choose.

They think its so amusing,

all this inconsise choosing.

Questioning what is real,

they gave themselves the right to steal.

But soul is what they are lacking,

and they don’t have his backing.

He has given her a chance,

to disintegrate the others from her past.

His healing rays shine down on her flower,

giving back her the power.

To reach and stretch and grow and bloom.

Now she has the room.

With him holding her hand.

She will bloom again.

that’s the master plan.

To the others,

Fathers, Mothers

Sisters,  Brothers.

Notice the Metaphor,

that reflects the truth.

As a flower blooms,

so does thy youth.

A notice to all by knowing,

she the flower,

Is Still Growing!

Linda Booth


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