A Mother’s Love

Shades of pink warmth,

Sweet caresses.

A mother’s Love,

lacy little dresses.

A dawn embrace,

a springtime gaze.

A giggle.

A laugh.

Pink floral ribbons,

softly flowing from her hat.

A smiling face.

ablaze in the noonday sun.

A playful race,

a life has just begun.

Through blooming,

meadows and out into life,

dance shimmering rainbows,

of sheer delight.

Her radiance is obvious,

of every child’s right.

Eagerness is reaching,

for trusting arms.

Knowing Love shall cause no harm.

Security spills out into tender years.

Gently washing away the smallest of fears.

A heart soars,

and a spirit cheers.

A whisper of soft breezes,

singing lullabies into the night,

for simplicity’s dream,

dressed in pure white,

A mother’s Love,

is a treasure divine,

that she can take with her,

to spend on life,

She spends a bit to grasp a star.

She had access for in abundance they are.

Fulfilled wishes nurture her mind,

revealing success at a future time.

Holding out hope,

where trust abides.

A daughter shall bestow a mothers pride.

In the twinkling of an eye,

the seasons change.

But for a certainty,

there’s one thing,

that we wish stays the same.

A mothers Love and warm embrace,

to slow time but for a moment,

in life’s race.

Words of endearment,

Etched through time.

Echoing shades of pink warmth,

and a soft lullaby.

Linda Booth


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