Reclaiming Mindfulness.

It is always there,

waiting for my thoughts,

to become fully aware.

Consciously enjoying life,

in the here and now.

The minuteness of life’s treasures,

are captured somehow.

Within these precious moments,

I gather deeper insights,

into the meaning of my life.

As I breathe in today,

my pain has become hidden,

or has it melted away,

just because I took the time,

to breathe,

and appreciate the day.

When my heart and mind combine,

the secret is revealed,

that I can survive life’s troubles,

even that which is concealed.

hoping in this new found joy,

I live my life today,

Breathing always Breathing but

not just surviving from day to day.

The truth is in my heart,

therein my mind the answers lie.

I shall today breathe deeply,

so that the two shall combine.

With in this integration,

I carry the tools to survive,

and so one day soon,

I shall be free beyond survival,

and really know that I’m alive.

To think with mind and heart attuned,

I shall rise above the past,

and trust in timeless hopes and dreams.

I’m Alive At Last!

Linda Booth


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