As first I cast a curiosity,

upon those eyes like the deep blue sea,

little did I know that,

he too was interested in me.

Though not speaking,

I see a man gentle and kind.

No diversion of circumstance,

could take me away from,

my goal to make him mine.

Though strong willed he might be,

this just so happen to be,

the quality I needed to,

set my spirit free.

Therefore my knight saved me,

from the atrocities,

that inflicted my life,

that beautiful man,

my bright shiny knight.

Problems ensued,

for the villan was nigh.

But bravery took over,

and cast its light.

From the first time I saw him,

until he was out of sight,

I held on to the memory of,

my bright shiny knight.

Little did I know,

at that time in the past,

this love that was forbidden,

was given a chance.

At last we would marry,

though cheaply we wed.

My knight replaced all the

atrocities I dred.

From his heart,

immeasurable love instead.

Our union replaced,

the meaningless of the past.

There was joy in my life,

for the first time at last.

Spread out over time,

like a treasure,

our lives have seen,

adventure after adventure.

As the years fly by,

and four maidens later,

We have built a life,

beyond all endeavor.

Our worlds entwined,

like branches with a common vine.

This life we chose,

together we grow,

now and for all of time.

Linda Booth


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