Its the power of old that failed me.

A single form of power.

The power was in the air,

and in the shadow on the wall.

The darkness in the eyes of this power,

had penetrated innocence.

The power got in the blood and ran cold.

The sound of power was creepiness to the ears.

It enveloped energy, substance and motion.

The power carried anger that raged  inside.

It crushed the gentleness of spirits.

But the more the power thought it gained,

the more it lost.

The more the effort,

the more the cost.

Just when is seemed that the power,

would not lose its grip,

it did.

It prayed on weakness,

however the weakness became strong.

What was once defenseless,

was defenseless no more.

I learned that it was not power,

but madness that infected my life.

He felt gifted in the power over me.

But I am gifted in the power of Kindness.

Power should not be what we hold over others.

But instead a quality we see in ourselves for the greater good.

My power is in healing, strength of spirit and LOVE!

Linda Booth

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