This is a speech that I wrote and read to my family on our 35th Wedding Anniversary.

We really do live in a Sweet Life.

Despite all that our family has experienced we have pushed through it all to find joy in even the simplest of things. Its true what the lyrics say. “She’s got your eyes……….she’s got my nose and I get high just watching her grow”. All you girls have those distinctive features that bind us as a family. But there is more to it than that. We all have the capacity to forgive and move on through our lives and accept the things we can’t change. We have the ability to live the joys and take the good with the bad. If we couldn’t we would never survive as a family. We have been  through some of the worst things that any family can experience and have survived!  We have been through the death of loved ones and a major fire. We have been through serious illness and the drama and trauma that brought. We accept each other for our faults and our weaknesses but most of all for our strengths. We see other families move ahead financially but as the song says, “We dreamed someday we’d live in a castle but were are still in the same old shack….sometimes we get into a hassle but we always take each other back.”  And why?  Because we live in such a Sweet Life. I really wonder if other families have what we have. We may still be living in a shack sort of speak for 35 years but there is more love inside these tiny walls than in some of the biggest homes in the world. What a gift that is. It’s not really having the big home or having all the things that money can buy that’s important in life. Really its love. Our lives together have proven that its true what they say,  “that the best things in life are free”.

The lyrics say,

“This whole world seems to be in a hurry but we’ll just keep on taking our time making our dreams come true.

That’s really all that matters.

I just want to say in conclusion, “Thank you, to all of my Beautiful Daughters and my Dear husband for making all my dreams come true in this most precious, “Sweet Life”.

I am truly blessed to have such a Beautiful Family despite everything that I have been through in my childhood.

So I wanted to share this speech.

Linda Booth


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