Fully Awake

Fully awake,

aligned in this moment,

instead of being lost,

in the fear of making mistakes.

Its a choice.

This is my aliveness.

It can’t lead me astray.

There is more joy,

in my sense of self,

for this truth makes no demands.

for me there is a freedom in keeping life simple,

for its the space between a word,

the time between each note.

or the moment between each breathe.

It all gets lost in the heaviness of drama,

I need to view every breathe as the treasure of life.

I am always seeking out answers,

but they are never enough.

If I am still,

and I listen,

an image forms.

Its the beauty of now.

Just this moment in time.

I can not change the past,

nor predict the future.

All I have is now.

This is the end of my begining

and the birth of now.


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