Midnight Waterfalls

Before the picture perfect moon shines upon,

midnight waterfalls,

Dreams form.

An idea of great significance.

Pure beauty.

It’s all a window in time,

measured and shaped from above.

Painted by a Great Master,

from his own perspective.

Given to us his likeness,

from mere dust.

Entrusted with the earth.

Given the joy of all life,

with ones birth.

Wonderment begins with,

the breath of each new day.

Never ceasing to exist,

and remembering always,

that before the picture perfect moon,

shines upon midnight waterfalls,

there are prayers of deep gratitude.

Remembering always,

for the gift given from above.

Can we earn it?

We must admit,

it is underserved kindness.

We can peruse it by our faith and works.

But it is his great love.

So we shall agnolige receipt of it,

all the days of our lives.

We give prayers of deep gratitude,

that shall make his heart glad,

that he has shown great  mercy.

And it is a great and wonderful gift,

that will be treasured from our hearts.

For his great love,

which is not in vain,

because we have abstained,

from what he abhors.

So before the picture perfect moon,

shines upon midnight waterfalls,

sing prayers of thanksgiving,

for the great love from above.

The only one deserving of our praise and honor and worship.

Linda Booth


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