Shielded Voice

Its just my voice,

Who cares what I say,

Its not my choice,

That my childhood was stolen away.

Just one voice,

Shielded by fear,

I speak but no one hears.

Just a voice,

born within us all.

Given the right to stand proud and tall.

Its just my voice,

I lost my right.

Gripped by shame and tears,

it was stolen into the night!

Its just my voice,

who cares what I know?

Is life so superficial?

I am convinced its just a show.

We are all born with a voice,

we all have something to say.

If I spoke my voice,

would it bring about a change?

In my life,

of all that has occurred,

why has my voice not heard?

Because its just one voice,

shielded by fear.

That is why no one hears!

Linda Booth

I wrote this poem as a young adult. I had not yet begun therapy to deal with the trauma. It seemed to me at that time that I did not even have a voice. I was too afraid to speak. That is what often times happens to child abuse victims.  They feel that they don’t even have the right to speak. There voice has always been there. Its just not heard. Its shielded by fear.

Now is a very different story.

Now I have the courage to speak out about the things that happened to me. I found my voice and it is no longer shielded by fear. Its my goal to encourage others to find their voice as well and speak up loud and clear. With ONE CLEAR VOICE.


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