That Which Is Concealed.

What has been given,

Has been received.

What has been revealed,

shall I still conceal?

Heaviness is at fault,

given of an unseen force.

For what lies beneath,

is the discovery of a lifetime.

Could there be more meaning,

in such little words?

Could there be more dreaming?

What was waiting to be revealed,

that took so long,

hidden and concealed?

I’m shocked, its real!

Given of unknown reason,

and yet not unknown,

to me, me!


Did you know that poems can be heavy,

and poems can be light,

poems may seem wrong,

and poem may seem right?

Understanding the true meaning,

of the things we have won.

That such hard work is not easily undone?

It’s to know that what has been given,

is in fact revealed,

Its true,

I am Real!

Invisiableness is for the weak,

I am not so,

so I’ve learned.

To trust in time,

and lift burdens,

placed upon.

Knowing from which it has come,

knowing that the wickedness is done.

Breaking away the shell,

Exposing the skin of youth,

and the mind of the heart.

Knowing the truth.

It was always there,

waiting in despair.

To know the right to reveal

and expose the one,

who had no right to steal.

Had no right to conceal.

Hidden away in a place.

To no one has it seen.

All was left to dream.

And yet courage gave the right to scream,

of the mystery that was placed.

carefully kept in waist,

and stole the meaning of,

that which has been revealed.

That which has been received.

That I am REAL!

Linda Booth


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