If we don’t at the very least laugh at ourselves sometimes, how boring would life be. We can’t be so serious all the time. Often a light-headed look at life with all its successes and failures can be very entertaining, don’t you think? Life at times can be very challenging, of this we can be sure. But if when faced with Murphey’s Law, can we not look jokingly at it. We might be able to change our whole day around just by laughing. Laughing releases feel good chemicals in our brains. Who doesn’t like that. It’s worth a try. We can write a poem or sing a silly song or even tell a joke to lighten a darker experience.
The real truth is that jokes are funny because they hold a grain of truth about life that might not be able to be shown any other way. Therefore its actually important for our mental health and over all well being. Humor holds the capacity to show absurdities about the way we live our lives. This works well this way because it is not threatening.
For bloggers its important to not always be so serious about our writing material. Sometimes a funny entertaining piece of fiction can soften our mood and set the pace for our day and perhaps our readers as well. We all have the potential to turn a bad day around. For sure, humor will most assuredly do this.


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