The beauty of life abounds.
Filled with pleasure.
Abundant treasure.
In the gardens of paradise,
lie symmetrical proportions,
of flowers and the fragrances,
fill the air.
There is no where else,
to desire to be,
than surrounded by,
the sweetness of natures fruits.
Unspoken truth,
About life.
A delight,
in my mind.
No other life,
No kind,
would I rather see,
or rather be,
I dwell here in this paradise.
Given as a gift.
Unselfishly spent.
Healing every living thing.
All that breathes,
free from the old world,
and its strife, disease and morbidity.
Gazing upon a lilac tree,
my only plea,
is to stay in this place.
This paradise,
where the beauty of life abounds.

Linda Booth


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