A Lesson Learned

A lesson learned!

Self-sabotaging behavior begins with what is not working in our life. We need to think about how often we speak about what is wrong and the continuous worrying about what is missing or just not right. We only end up attracting more things that we don’t want. If we instead think about what is working in our life no matter how small than we will begin to find out that by doing this we are in fact attracting more good things. So it can be said where are focus is, so is our life.

Are we spending too much of our time worrying about the future. Are we stressing about what might happen or is going to happen? No amount of worry is going stop things from happening, will it? This worry is a sign of self-sabotage. We tend to do this to ourselves all the time. We can worry about so many things. We worry about the next big storm or taxes or even all the bad happenings on the news and wonder when will that be me? Are we always filling our minds and surrounding ourselves with negativity?

We Need to focus on the here and now. If something is bothering us do we then focus on a solution. We can visualize how we would like it to turn out then take action toward making it happen. Take just as much action as is possible in this moment, then let it go. When the timing is right we can continue taking further action and then let it go again. This can be so freeing for us.
Letting go of self-sabotage takes away the fear of the unknown and opens the way toward endless possibilities.

This is what I am trying to do with regard to healing from the wounds of child abuse. If I focus too much on this pain and suffering then it sets the mood for other parts of my life. Then I feel completely miserable. That is no way to live. I did that for a long time but now I am beginning to learn to chip away at it a little at a time instead of becoming so over-whelmed. I go to therapy and I work on it then I try and let it go. Then go to therapy again and work on it then let it go. It is my hope that eventually I can permanently let it go and live free of my self-sabotaging behavior. If I can live free of the past then I can live fully in the present. A lesson learned!


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