Fear Of Him

Fear of him,
when did it begin?
When I was young,
and all undone.
I told no one.
Because of this, his sick desires,
he thought he won.
As a result endurance
I did acquire.
It never comforted me though,
of this he did conspire.
The secrets he feared me keep,
I set aside.
Not a single tear did I weep.
In my room all alone I would feel,
continuous attempts to heal.
He did what?
A part of me he did steal.
Am I broken now?
To answer this,
my wisdom I do allow.
Seeking rescue and renewal,
from this fear he did make.
Of my life I beg a retake.
I dream to start over,
with a clean slate.
With a different father,
than the one who committed this disgrace.
I’ve learned that,
there is always hope.
No matter how bad things get,
I shall fight
and peace is all that will be left
I shall be free from the fear of him,
and of my life anew beginning

Linda Booth


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