Life Lessons

I have discovered this truth about myself. Even though I have been through extremely difficult things in my childhood they have taught me something valuable to use in my adult life.
I did not know it then being just a young child but I now know and understand that these difficulties have made me who I am today. I am a good person so obviously I learned who not to be like and what not to do.

I also learned that no matter what hard times I may face now or in the future they can be overcome. Each situation good or bad can teach us life lessons. If we ignore these lesson we may cause ourselves undue suffering. There was a period of time that I ignored what life was trying to teach me. Ignoring this only brought me more misery. It was through many years of therapy that I was able to understand what I was doing wrong. I was looking at life with the same sadness and pain that I felt as a child but all the while forgetting the strength I must have had to survive my childhood. Once I became aware of what strength I gained by my experiences I saw my life begin to take a more positive turn. I began to let some of the past go along with all of its regrets. No ounce of suffering will bring back my childhood. There is no magic eraser to clear the trauma. Now I am not just living with the past. Instead I am living despite it. That’s the lesson. That no matter the difficulties that we encounter in our lives we can still continue to move forward and make  our lives meaningful.

Linda Booth


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