The touching thing about tears is that they can travel from one heart to another without traveling  the space in between. Its an understood language that needs no words. How magical a human function that’s been given from above for our heavenly father cries tears as well. We were made in his image.

Two people can have opposing thoughts and ideas but when they learn of the death of a child there is an  understanding of pain, loss and deep sadness.

Some children die but yet still live. Its really not that difficult a concept to grasp. Abuse  of any kind can kill a child’s innocence. It can destroy their will to grow and learn and advance in the way that they were meant  to in this world. It cannot on the other hand kill their spirit. The spirit is very resilient.

Perhaps it is a saving grace for where there is spirit there is possibilities for growth and change and the discovery of power within.

Children are precious in Gods eyes. Why can’t humans all feel the same depth of value?

Linda Booth


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