A Note On Fear

Bad things can invade our lives even if we don’t want them to. When I talk to my children its calming to my frazzled emotions. Locked out or locked in it doesn’t matter when they come to infect my day. Fear is validation through its allowance to exist. Why do I some times choose it and yet still other times push it away? To deal with it is not on the outside nor is it. The resolution to this all encompassing emotion is through it. How many of us find the courage to go through the fear or through the pain. It’s not an easy decision to make. But make it we must if we want to get our lives back in balance. Its takes a tremendous amount of courage. But we are all born with the capacity to allow this courage to rise above the fear and surrender to the resulting feelings of truth over it. What about me? What am I waiting for?. Permission? Therapy is good permission to start to take courage and work on painful issues. Then hopefully we can eradicate most of it from our lives.  There will always be a residual affect left behind but we can choose to put that away in a box so that it no longer can affect our lives in a negative way.

It’s a powerful thing to say that it is my choice. To feel this release of tightness and pressure from the trauma and all the drama that it brings, can be invigorating and thrilling as we start to see results. Although for a time as we are working through it we might begin to feel out of control and its finality will bring peace. Isn’t that the result we all want?

Peace be with you!

Linda Booth


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