In the still of silence.
In the quiet of the night.
Thoughts are brought to light.
An illumination of the mind.
There is a resemblance of the past.
Keeping watch over the memories.
Reasons unknown.
Contemplation of resolution.
A heart in doubt.
Only remembering negative,
sights and sounds.
The positive is a dissolution.
So it seams.
Yet not what it is.
There is a seeking for peace.
There is a begging of release.
To obliterate the past.
In hoping distant memories,
wont last.
Blown away by hope,
and always knowing,
the ability to cope.
Insight gives freedom,
from the past.
Always knowing,
it doest last.
Where there is movement,
in thought,
there is little or no trap,
to get lost.
The future always ahead.
Absent of the past.
Nothing left to dread.
In the still of the night.
In the quiet of the night.
Thoughts are brought to light.
An illumination of the mind.

The Essence Of My Heart

Is there a time and space,

between light and dark?

The essence of my heart.

What is there before the morning sun?

When night is all done?

To dream,

all is possible,

If I believe,

Many things can happen,

in a single breath.

What treasure lies within,

the meaning of the depth?

Love crosses time and space,

Love can dwell between,

the light and the dark.

Love no doubt,

enlightens the heart.

Its funny how fast,

time can change.

But love will always stay,

I think I understand!

The heart can not drowned.

The spirit of the soul,

will lift it up again,

revived by the magic,

that dwells within.

There is no law that says,

once I reach the top of a mountain,

that I have to go back again.

Stay! Stay! Stay!

Dream big!

Scream loud!

Look up with outstretched arms,

and show your proud.

No ill spirit will break you,

once you reach the top.

Keep reaching!

Never stop.

Look to the heavens.

Keep looking up.

Reach out your hands,

and receive this love.

All is possible.

For love commands,

once you reach the top of a mountain,

you don’t have to go down again.

Just live!

Linda Booth

Her Story

When the past is,

left undone,

there are longings,

and needs.

A battle that her soul does bleed.

carrying on with,

life despite,

though troubles ensure,

with present might.

The battle in site,

she does tighten her might,

for that which can unwind on a whim.

She thus never gives in.

A fighter to the end,

is proof that the battle is won.

that the past is done.

With the expense of a new day,

the past is gone.

Just a distant memory,

diffused by process.

With no longer a hold on her.

So now an old story does it  make,

leaving shadows and pain in its wake.

Behold her resilience,

and bravery,

to combat that old story.

That story of her past,

what was left undone,

was done through courage.

It is written that there is a triumph,

and a glory.

She has won a new story.

A happy ending story.

Now these longings and needs

have been achieved,

no more worry!

Marvelous Butterfly

Oh marvelous butterfly,

soaring across the sky.

Did you know that,

right upon your wings,

I do sit?

Along for the ride,

Way up here,

it is clear.

The visions that I see,

are of me.

Upon your wings,

I feel great joy.

Yes I truly do.

Its your world,

I’d rather see.

The gentleness of your wings.

and yet they carry me.

Your tapestry of color,

Your world full of wonder.

In your essences,

I am taught a lesson.

The one who made you,

made me too.

He loves you,

and more so me.

Oh marvelous butterfly,

The world above you.

The world below you.

Its all so beautiful.

The beauty that I see in you,

I also see in me too!

Linda Booth

Tangiable Existance

The started silhouette of innocence.

can be seen,

gathering up her losses,

as if spoil has wrought her vision.

The essence of her inner soul,

meets the darkness and fears untold.

Channeling through the years,

begets questions.

Is it the absence of answers.

Needless reasons.

Perfected articulation.

that has replaced realism or fact?

Despite her efforts,

the inner soul,

cannot lie.

It spills out with out prejudice.                                                                                                                                                                                                             It reaps what upon it,

was sown.

Linda Booth

Cries From Within

Empty of care,

and understanding.

By tears that never come,

A life that’s never won.

You lie there,

all curled and folded,

like a new beginning shattered.

Innocence lost.

Peace no more.

Craving to be held,

yet distance yourself.

Trusting none,

and fearing everything.

Searching for someone with soul.

Grasping at hope,

and hanging by a thread.

A look into my soul,

I see you there,

with confusion and despair.

Crying always crying,

with no comfort shared.

Expressive sighs,

in search for reasons why.

There are no answers,

and so you cry.

Tell me what to do?

Where is the hope I once knew?

My prize for being alive.

Sweet child,

cradled by fear,

you speak,

but no one hears.

Life was spent,

before it was given,

Lived not by you,

but by pain.

Searching the chambers of long ago,

reaps no kindness or peace.

You have been crying,

in your prison for release.

Linda Booth


The time has come,

a stranger to love.

Piecing together,

this shattered soul.

Melting pains,

as of old.

Feeling the meaninglessness,

of the past.

Moving on into,

revelations of self at last,

and human awareness,

and peace and wealth,

for as,

the knowledge of the past,

bought the future hope.

Integrated and whole,

luminescent of days to come,

I know!

Linda Booth