Improve The Moment With Imagery

When the outside world is to much and I am feeling overwhelmed, I envision a huge oak door with a golden door knob. As I slowly open the door a brilliant light beams through. When I begin to step inside, the first thing that I notice is that I’m surrounded by beautiful music and my senses are awakened by the fragrant aroma of flowers. Whatever kind of flower that I imagine begin to appear before me and around me. The colors blend together and create such variety. It is as if a rainbow has fallen. I also notice the ground beneath me. I am barefoot and so I feel the soft gentle grass between my toes. My eyes are caught away with the beautiful jewel like stones that lay within the grass. Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and Diamonds. They sparkle so brilliantly and shoot off beams of rainbow light. There is a golden sidewalk that parts the way through the glimmering grass. As I walk down this golden sidewalk it leads me to a Carousel. This is the source of the beautiful music, as if it were a giant music box. I feel the joy in me leap as I cast my eyes upon it. My ride to freedom is right before me. Which horse do I choose with so many wonderful possibilities? I watch and I listen as the enchanted music beckons me to approach. There are horses of every color of the rainbow. The rainbow seems to be a theme around here. There are some horses with painted roses and some with jewels and lace. There are still others with wings and silken saddles. My quest is for freedom so I choose the horse wings and upon this horse I imagine all my wonderful possibilities. So many choices to my life now. Joy is mine. Peace has settled in and as I ride this glorious steed I flow with the rhythm and the winding motion of this magnificent structure. While the gentle breeze softly blows through my hair. Away I go to freedom. My journey has just begun.

Now, I know this is just a day dream. But when things in my life get too stressful I am assured a place in my mind that I can escape  just to change the focus from chaos to relaxation for a short while. I can slow my breathing and my thoughts to calm myself.  Its just a temporary break and then when I have calmed a bit I can go back and face my busy day. We can all do this. This world we live in can get pretty hectic. It’s a fast passed world. It’s nice to know that there is this pleasant place that we can go in our minds to slow things a bit. Your place and my place will be different. Our inner visionary escape can be as simple or as complex as we want it. It will work as long as it is enjoyable and relaxing.


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