Marvelous Butterfly

Oh marvelous butterfly,

soaring across the sky.

Did you know that,

right upon your wings,

I do sit?

Along for the ride,

Way up here,

it is clear.

The visions that I see,

are of me.

Upon your wings,

I feel great joy.

Yes I truly do.

Its your world,

I’d rather see.

The gentleness of your wings.

and yet they carry me.

Your tapestry of color,

Your world full of wonder.

In your essences,

I am taught a lesson.

The one who made you,

made me too.

He loves you,

and more so me.

Oh marvelous butterfly,

The world above you.

The world below you.

Its all so beautiful.

The beauty that I see in you,

I also see in me too!

Linda Booth


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