Her Story

When the past is,

left undone,

there are longings,

and needs.

A battle that her soul does bleed.

carrying on with,

life despite,

though troubles ensure,

with present might.

The battle in site,

she does tighten her might,

for that which can unwind on a whim.

She thus never gives in.

A fighter to the end,

is proof that the battle is won.

that the past is done.

With the expense of a new day,

the past is gone.

Just a distant memory,

diffused by process.

With no longer a hold on her.

So now an old story does it  make,

leaving shadows and pain in its wake.

Behold her resilience,

and bravery,

to combat that old story.

That story of her past,

what was left undone,

was done through courage.

It is written that there is a triumph,

and a glory.

She has won a new story.

A happy ending story.

Now these longings and needs

have been achieved,

no more worry!


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