The Essence Of My Heart

Is there a time and space,

between light and dark?

The essence of my heart.

What is there before the morning sun?

When night is all done?

To dream,

all is possible,

If I believe,

Many things can happen,

in a single breath.

What treasure lies within,

the meaning of the depth?

Love crosses time and space,

Love can dwell between,

the light and the dark.

Love no doubt,

enlightens the heart.

Its funny how fast,

time can change.

But love will always stay,

I think I understand!

The heart can not drowned.

The spirit of the soul,

will lift it up again,

revived by the magic,

that dwells within.

There is no law that says,

once I reach the top of a mountain,

that I have to go back again.

Stay! Stay! Stay!

Dream big!

Scream loud!

Look up with outstretched arms,

and show your proud.

No ill spirit will break you,

once you reach the top.

Keep reaching!

Never stop.

Look to the heavens.

Keep looking up.

Reach out your hands,

and receive this love.

All is possible.

For love commands,

once you reach the top of a mountain,

you don’t have to go down again.

Just live!

Linda Booth


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