Look Not Behind

Look ahead in life,

and not behind.

Though the soul,

with its yearning,

can at will,

transport back in time.

Thus brings comfort,

or bring pain.

Really though,

what is gained?

In reflection,

beauty known from our youth,

Telling our story,

Telling the truth.

It can also be as if a monster,

chasing resolution.

Attacking this tender soul,

for the answers to know.

The complex and discreet

does this past choose to greet.

So turn the  mind,

straight ahead,

and of the past depart,

despite the longings from the heart.

The future is calling,

giving birth,

to a brand new start!

Linda Booth

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Spring forward,

into life.

Choose a windy day

and fly a kite.

No one knowing,

from where it came,

but flowers bloom,

after the rain.

Take a walk,

through a meadow.

Watch as the earth comes alive.

Spring is where all flowers thrive.

Blooming , pushing through.

The earth,

now again a rebirth.

The gentle rain,

sweetens the air.

A deep breath,

and your right there.

Amist the joy,

of a brand new earth.

Every year a new rebirth!


Expression from deep,
within a heart.
comforts self and others.
Love it does impart.
If always seeking,
unselfish acts.
Nothing done,
behind a back.
Restoring faith in life,
and moving forward.
Stepping ever toward,
the goal to reap,
what one has sown.
And only then expression from deep
within a heart,
one does own.
and comforts self and others.
Love it does impart!

Linda Booth