Is the black of night,

brightened by the light of day?

Whitened by mornings breathe.

Is the gentle wind revealing,

The beauty of life?

All is right.

A little blue.

A little green.

Unfolding landscapes,

of pure serene.

The air is meek,

with every step taken.

The sights are sweet,

while morning awakens.

Every effort is lifted,

by the colors,

that paint the sky.

Never a reason,

or question why.

Expansive air,

as if one could fly.

Whitened light,

or mornings breathe.

Go ahead,

take one more step,

or maybe two.

Its up to you.

Turn left,

or just turn right.

The new day beckons,

in the absence of night.

Take not for granted,

the mornings light.

For looking beyond,

is the black of night.

Enjoy that in which,

heaven as blessed.

For after is eternal rest.

Is the black of night,

brightened by the light of day?

Whitened by mornings breathe?

Linda Booth

Can we erace the past?

The truth is that there is just too much in my life that time cannot erase! There are many memories of the past that I would like to erase but it is just not possible. Its been really difficult lately I have to admit. Just when I think that I am through dealing with my painful past I feel propelled back into it against my will. PTSD is a disorder that effects many dealing with trauma. If only I could wish it all way as if I had a wand that could tap a certain part of my brain and heal it. Unfortunately it does not work that way. Our brain is an interesting organ indeed. It has the ability to hold memories until such day that it deems safe to release them. The fact that the past is still effecting me might be because it is trying to help me work through something important that can affect my life now for the better. I must trust in the process. I want freedom from the past and the pain that I continue to endure as a result of it. It takes a determined effort. I will push through. You can too!

Never Stop Looking

I heard this cool quote from a movie I just watched. It said,

“Never stop looking for what isn’t there.” This quote could mean different things to different people. To me it means,

Never give up on your dreams.

They may at this time not be in your view or the near future but don’t stop looking. Dream with all you’ve got.  Imagine it.  Visualize it.  Create it.  Make it real. Feed it daily to your unconscious mind and it will begin to act as if. What now might not be in view could very well be just around the corner.

The most important thing is to not just dream but act as if. Before you know it. This dream will come to fruition.

Live Free

Letting the past go?

How do we do this when the past has effected our lives today. I wish with all of my heart to release myself from the trauma that has infected my life. Letting go of pains and fears and losses…..this can be a difficult journey. Our journey may seem long but all that occurs as a result of the past is just part of the process so I’m told.  I do know that this is the way our minds work through trauma. This is necessary in order to move on with our lives free of the chains of suffering brought on my others selfish even cruel acts of abuse.

When we survive the storm of memories and the on-slot of  pains that can live inside of us, we can make room to grow and learn  but most of all LIVE!

Isn’t that what we all want?

Freedom from the past.

Write to me. Tell me your story. Share for the sake of child abuse awareness. Find that ONE CLEAR VOICE inside of you. Help me let others know that they are not alone and they can find their voice.

Thanks with all my heart!