Live Free

Letting the past go?

How do we do this when the past has effected our lives today. I wish with all of my heart to release myself from the trauma that has infected my life. Letting go of pains and fears and losses…..this can be a difficult journey. Our journey may seem long but all that occurs as a result of the past is just part of the process so I’m told.  I do know that this is the way our minds work through trauma. This is necessary in order to move on with our lives free of the chains of suffering brought on my others selfish even cruel acts of abuse.

When we survive the storm of memories and the on-slot of  pains that can live inside of us, we can make room to grow and learn  but most of all LIVE!

Isn’t that what we all want?

Freedom from the past.

Write to me. Tell me your story. Share for the sake of child abuse awareness. Find that ONE CLEAR VOICE inside of you. Help me let others know that they are not alone and they can find their voice.

Thanks with all my heart!


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