Look Forward

Expressing pure emotion,
is a challenge to over come.
Secret intentions of the heart,
not easily done.
Searching the cobwebs,
of long ago.
Piecing together,
the puzzle to know.
Secrets revealed,
from a memory past.
Begging forgiveness,
this time at long last.
Doubt of reconcilement,
left shadowed by despair.
Yet searching those traumas,
with kindness and care.
Revealing said youth.
Dig deep,
if you dare.
There is a threat,
to the present.
Leaving a heart,
in discontent.
Memories spill out,
in succession.
To stop them from flowing,
traps a life in suspension.
Pushing through,
with thoughts in retrospect.
Of by gone days,
pained emotions have left.
The effort is worth,
all the spent time.
Despite the past,
which can unwind.
Unfolding this turmoil,
is all we need,
to reconcile the past,
and bring real relief.
Seeking forgiveness is really for us,
and begging reprieve,
from all that’s unjust.
This brings freedom from,
that which is old.
with that said,
our story is told.
The gift in it all,
is said a relief.
This has always been in my heart,
as a true belief.
I’m alive with more freedom,
my heart has redeemed.
Of the memories that troubled me,
now I am freed.
I have beat the past.
Of the pain I have won.
Now at long last,
my work is all done.
Peace in the present and future I see.
I know now to look forward,
is all I need!

Linda Booth


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