Cries From Within

Empty of care,

and understanding.

By tears that never come,

A life that’s never won.

You lie there,

all curled and folded,

like a new beginning shattered.

Innocence lost.

Peace no more.

Craving to be held,

yet distance yourself.

Trusting none,

and fearing everything.

Searching for someone with soul.

Grasping at hope,

and hanging by a thread.

A look into my soul,

I see you there,

with confusion and despair.

Crying always crying,

with no comfort shared.

Expressive sighs,

in search for reasons why.

There are no answers,

and so you cry.

Tell me what to do?

Where is the hope I once knew?

My prize for being alive.

Sweet child,

cradled by fear,

you speak,

but no one hears.

Life was spent,

before it was given,

Lived not by you,

but by pain.

Searching the chambers of long ago,

reaps no kindness or peace.

You have been crying,

in your prison for release.

Linda Booth


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