Clyde is usually home from work at 4:00 but he has to run an errand for Crystal. I really didn’t get much accomplished today because I am not feeling well. It’s either that monthly “woman thing” or withdrawal from too much cold medicine. It happens every time. Dxm is trouble. That is what causes the high from cold medicine. Its a cough suppressant. In large amounts it is euphoric. It has become a crutch when the world gets to be too much. Everyone seems to have something that they turn to for relief. I am fighting to overcome this addiction and for the most part I can choose not to use it.

Despite how I feel, I did push myself to get a few things done. Just knowing that I accomplished something today makes  all the effort worth while. My house is clean. That’s not saying much because I am a neat freak anyway. I am a bit of a perfectionist. Its in the blood. My dad was the same way. He also had high expectations from all of us kids.

I am one of five siblings. There is Joe the oldest then Kim. Then me and next Ricky and then Mark the baby. I did have another sister but she died at 6 weeks old from a blood infection. I am the middle child. I am never really sure that I like that position in the family. There is a lot to be said about a middle child. My sister went gradually blind from age five. She was completely blind before she became an adult. Having a handicap sibling present many challenges growing up. But it also taught us life lessons. My sister is my hero. She truly is an amazing sister in so many ways. I love her dearly.

I have therapy tomorrow with Elizabeth. She is an awesome therapist. I am in therapy to work out childhood traumas. It isn’t easy but I trust her.


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