I’ve been told that I am a runner when life gets too tough. I have to agree. I have been running my whole life long.
Many have enquired as to why. I am not sure that I have a logical answer for them. I am always trying to figure out
why I behave the way that I do when trouble finds me. All I know for sure is that it is a very scary world outside and
I am always fearful of monsters. Not the furry sharp-toothed kind. But the kind that walks on two feet and exists to deceive.
I have these reoccurring dreams of being chased that always interrupt my sleep.  But I want to know why. I must know why. I do believe that the answer dwells not outside of myself but instead within. Although the real danger to me is gone and the very one to whom almost stole my life is dead and no longer a threat. It is possible that his legacy has captured what little I thought was my freedom. Did he know? Did he know that when he lay there dying that my life would still be imprisoned by him long after his death? Why do I stay in his prison that he has bequeathed to me? Shouldn’t I be free? What are my obstacles to freedom? How do I get past my own torturous thoughts? The very ones placed and buried deep within so very long ago. How does one get a monster to stop chasing them? I fear but I also know that it is by turning around to face him. It will take all the courage that I can muster. I have survived this long. What can hurt me now? Monster beware!



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