Coffee Coffee Coffee

It is 3:00 in the  morning and I can’t seem to sleep. My mind won’t shut off. It might be the three cups of coffee before bed. I love my coffee but I should start setting a limit to how late I have it in the evening.  It never use to bother me but apparently it does now. I was lying next to my husband. I was all comfortable in bed but I kept on obsessing about the days activities. The smartest thing that I could do was to get out of bed so as to not wake my husband who has to get up very early in the morning. It was better to leave the room than to lie there in fear of waking him. He will be up in about an hour. I bet he will ask me if I ever went to bed.  Oh well the answer will be most assuredly no!  He worries when I don’t sleep. I don’t like worrying him. I think I will go grocery shopping early and them come home and try to get a few hours of sleep. That is all the time that I will have because I have so much to do before our anniversary party at the end of the month. The girls will be there. It has been a tradition over the years that we celebrate with a carvel ice cream cake.  I am making a special dinner for my husband (Clyde). I can hardly wait.

It will be our 36th anniversary.


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