Lost or Day Dream

As I scan my bedroom suddenly I am transported into this strange ere even surreal environment that is not entirely my own. What is this place to which I thought I called home. Taking just one step and then two, and yet I can not ground myself in the normal reality that I call my life. Where or what then is this place. This old, that has cast upon it a darkened and dreary place. My skin is crawling and my eyes want to close to escape. As I scan my hearing for the sound of familiar voices, I hear nothing but still I feel a presence that does not seem kind. The only movement are cast shadows against the gray light of day. To my horror a cast shadow moves steadily toward me. Fear envelopes me. Closer and closer the shadow walks and yet appears to glide toward me with ease. Momentarily I am caught way by the distant sound of my mother calling to me and awaiting a response. Only I can not validate her call for fear and trembling have trapped me in this lost place and time. If I shout for help I wonder will she hear. Can I be rescued from this strange experience that transcends normal.

He, yes he, I have entertained that which is present with me here in my room or what I thought was my room. Furniture is shifting just like the pictures on the wall. I am most assuredly transported into a world that I do not know. A cause then effect not seeming real. Its not real to me and yet here I stand with a foot that fears the next step toward exploring this existence. Closer and Closer he glides toward me, I still not seeing his physical being dread the moment to which he stands before me. As I continue to familiarize myself with this strange reality I can hear my mother approaching closer.  The sound that I hear is comforting and this weird world begins to disappear. He is stepping away. Relief has set in and I begin to wonder was it all a day dream?

Linda Booth

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