Terms of Endearment

I think I am suffering from “empty nest syndrome”. I never thought that I would see the day that I would be using that term. However, I have been missing my children. I realize that when they are grown they have their  own lives. My life changes as well. I miss those days of the mom who drove the mini van and transported four daughters around to dance classes and chorus. As they got older it was driving classes and part-time jobs. I was truly a busy but contented mom. I loved everything about being a Mom. I am grateful that I had this amazing chance to raise them. No doubt it was the best time of my life. I have had many dreams over the years but being a mom is the most important thing that I ever wanted to do. I am truly happy and fulfilled by all those treasured years. I remember the lemonade stands and tea party’s and celebrations of all there milestones. It was so much fun. I was one of those moms that probably went over the top with the decorations. Some moms may have looked at it like a chore but I never did. Every little celebration was truly exciting and rewarding for me. I truly miss it all. I know in my heart that all though they are gone out of the house, they still love me and we still have many more party’s ahead. Staying in touch now and then without interfering or being over-whelming can let them know how very much they are loved and always will be. I love being a Mom.


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