The Most Amazing Blue Eyes


It seems that whatever I focus my mind on could make or brake my day.
I need to appreciate my family more. If I focus my attention on my appreciation for what I have been given I become so over-joyed. Its a natural high. I am truly fortunate to be surrounded by so much love despite my early beginnings.
I feel gifted with the most amazing husband. I met him when I was just sixteen years old. We were high school sweet hearts sort-a-speak. He went to Oliver Wolcott Tech and I went to Wolcott High.
It seems strange that I met a guy who went to a high school that had the same word in it that my high school did. It was obviously Wolcott. But they were two different towns. Do you think there was some strange connection with this. Its kinda cool. Well when I first saw him standing there by his Dodge Dart I was captivated by his amazing blue eyes. I had to find out who he was. He hung around with some of the same friends that I did. That very day that I saw him standing there by his car, I had to ask my best friend who he was. She said, “His name is Clyde”. She asked, “Do you want me to tell him that you like him. I being shy and naive said, “I don’t know.
In time I was introduced to him”. It turns out that he began hanging around with my oldest brother. One day my brother had Clyde over to play monopoly. I had just washed my hair and needed the hair dryer. It just so happened to be in my brothers room where he was playing monopoly with Clyde. I shyly peeked in to ask for the hair dryer but my brother said,”come on in and you can play with us. So here I was with messy dripping wet hair and my brother wants me to sit down and play monopoly with this guy that I like. How embarrassing. Clyde just welcomed me and made me feel at ease. I was relieved that he did not even judge the way that I must have looked. What a way to look when you meet your soul mate for the first time. One day while driving home from a friends house Clyde asked me, “do you think that your dad would mind if I call you to talk on the phone? I said I don’t think he would mind and so he called. That first phone call lasted long past an hour.
We seemed to hit it off. We talked about everything from dating to how many children we would have if we got married. My dad thought it was cute that I had a boyfriend.
We had a first date. He bought me a bouquet of red roses. I still, thirty five years later, have the wrapper from the flowers that he gave me. It was a perfect first date. I married that guy and have been happily for 36 years with four beautiful daughters (two with his beautiful blue eyes) and eight grandchildren. Our daughters are 21,22,34,and 35. The two older ones are the ones with the children. We are both grateful that they are so successful in their lives. Despite what I have been through in the past I have been given this wonderful life and I feel truly blessed. This does not mean that I don’t have difficulties with the trauma from childhood but it does make dealing with a little easier!

Letting Be

Inspired by joy.

Living free.

Escape the past,

by letting be.

Turning tides,

toward better skies.

Chasing away the childlike cry.

Gentle tears,

Drifting pain,

Sent away,

by healing rains.

A new foundation,

lay before,

the beckoning of an open door,

enter in,

a brand new day.

Bubbling over with laughter and play.

The past is gone,

the future bright.

Its a whole new world.

Its going to be alright.

Inspired by joy.

Living free.

Escape the past,

by letting be.


There exists a prodigy,

and one walking its shadow,

longing to live its dream.

Which life is best to live?

The prodigy or its shadow?

The shadow learns humility.

The shadow learns by doing.

The shadow has leaned to live.

The prodigy just is.

The prodigy is the inventor and,

the shadow is its recipient.

Without the shadow,

there is no need of a prodigy.

Without the prodigy,

the shadow receives,

the light.

Linda Booth

Never Stop Looking

I heard this cool quote from a movie I just watched. It said,

“Never stop looking for what isn’t there.” This quote could mean different things to different people. To me it means,

Never give up on your dreams.

They may at this time not be in your view or the near future but don’t stop looking. Dream with all you’ve got.  Imagine it.  Visualize it.  Create it.  Make it real. Feed it daily to your unconscious mind and it will begin to act as if. What now might not be in view could very well be just around the corner.

The most important thing is to not just dream but act as if. Before you know it. This dream will come to fruition.

God’s Gift

The morning was bright with the colors of green,
as I sat down on the picnic table to read.
As I looked from under the old maple tree,
what to my surprise did my wide open eyes see.
The most beautiful butterfly captured in flight.
Its colors were yellow and blue, pleasure for my sight.
This vision in color that caught my eye,
was circling around me many times.
What was the reason to which I can see,
Perhaps to brighten this sad feeling inside of me.
How could it know that I needed it so.
It just flew around performing its show.
Is there a lesson given to me?
What was the reason for this vision?
Is it that I did not appreciate what I am given.
Is that the reason for the sad feeling?
Perhaps I should choose a mood more appealing.
As I plucked a beautiful rose,
I watched as this butterfly landed on my nose.
As I took in the fragrance of this bright pink flower,
suddenly the sky dropped a light summer shower.
You would think that the butterfly would fly away.
But it just circled around halfway.
For what was the reason?
What did this beauty bring?
Just then I noticed my sad mood change.
Now its on the upswing.
Perhaps this being the reason.
I must appreciate the beauty of the season.
Sometimes I have to admit that I forget,
to put my feelings aside and glory in Gods gifts.
To treasure the beauty of things he has made,
Bad mood aside,
this is the conclusion to which I came.
Tears of joy I display,
thanks to the butterfly,
that wouldn’t go away.
Thanks to our heavenly father,
and his gifts.
For through this beauty,
our bad moods can lift!
The summer rain has,
changed to sunshine.
this beauty is for all.
But today it is mine.

Linda Booth

Promises To Keep

My mountain is high,

and the climb is steep.

But there are wishes to wish,

and promises to keep.

As I struggle to climb,

this mountain of mine,

I leave all my worries,

and baggage behind.

Try though I may,

I fall a lot.

But the important thing is,

I must never stop!

It always seems easier,

for the other guy.

The answers to complex,

for the reasons why.

When I want to give up,

and  I want to die,

I’ll remember the reasons,

for making the climb.

I’m a fighter you see.

I’ve got dreams to dream.

I’ve got the power in hand,

and the courage in me.

My fighting spirit,

will win by far.

I’ll face up to my problems.

Whatever they are.

My mountain is high,

and the climb is steep.

But there are wishes to wish,

and promises to keep.

Linda Booth

The Fourth of July

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with blonde hair and blue eyes thirty five years ago today. The nurses all said she came in with a big bang. She had a picture of fireworks in her bassinette at the hospital. She is my first born. I was only nineteen years old. Being a mom so young presented many challenges but I made it through all that and now she is a beautiful young woman. I am very proud of her. She has her masters in psychology. She now has children of her own. She is doing a wonderful job raising them.

My Grandma was born on the Forth of July as well. She has passed many years ago but we use to have a double party. We had her birthday party and the 4th picnic on the same day. It was a lot of fun.

I love fireworks. I think they are so exciting to watch. How often do you get to look up at the sky to see it light up in the most amazing way. Its like endorphins for the eyes. I don’t like the bangs though. I could do without that.

Today I am home. Its just me and my husband. Not much going on. I am watching movies all day. They always do fireworks around where I live every year so later on tonight I will sit out on the roof and observe this wonderful party in the sky.