Not Written

I have not written in a while. I have to be honest………I have been going through a lot lately. I have not felt up to writing. However, this should be the very best time to write for there are so many people out there who I am sure can relate to what I am going through. It’s about being brave and not holding back on details or emotions connected with these situations.

So what I am I talking about. Child Abuse…… I have suffered severe trauma as a small child at the hands of my father. I was only 8. It went on for four years straight sometimes everyday after school for years. It included everything imaginable leading up to and including rape. It happened in different places including on the weekend at the school where he worked in the home economics room. It happened in the woods to which after he attempted to kill me. My four siblings had suffered as well but not this way. My brother Ricky was beat all the time often with no apparent reason. Ricky and I got the worst of my fathers evil deeds. He was a powerful influence in our family and also in the community.

This is just a general statement as to what occurred when I was a child. I hope that I can continue to be brave and share my story on this blog. I know first hand that when survivor’s share there stories it comforts and validates other survivors. I will not hide from it anymore. I think my own internal anger over what happened and the pain I have suffered much of my life will be the driving force for me to do what needs to be done to heal to find a way to reach and help other survivors.

I am in therapy with an amazingly supportive therapist. I am on the brink of revealing details of what happened. So much has happened to me that I could write a book. There are many things that are similar but there are also many things that occurred that are uniquely different about my case.

However, I feel that every case of childhood abuse is just as devastating! I honor all survivor’s for their courage and strength.


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