Within my heart lives a child alone.

Dwelling in a place we all call home.

Did he know that I am porcelain and I break?

Did he know there is a part of a child you must not take?

I survived shielded by walls in Places In The Heart.

There are places in my heart filled with pain from the past.

Unresolved matters still hiding behind the mask.

Needing help.

Yet I dare not ask.

Instead I hold it deep within,

those Places In The Heart.

Although the source of pain is gone,

the memory still rages one.

Unsettled and unsure,

of my disquieting thoughts,

is there no cure for,

Places In The Heart.

My childhood numbed by broken trust,

anger forbidden, how unjust.

Silent tears never shed,

Silent fears quiet dred,

in Places In The Heart.

innocence was halted,

never to live again.

Is that fair pain instead?

Severed with the sharpest knife,

to forever alter my life.

I’ll be ok.

I’ll just escape to safety,

In Places In The Heart.

As I stare through the glass,

of those shielded walls,

that I have built so wide and tall.

I glance at friendships I’ll never see.

They are not for me.

That delicate bond at birth is dear,

So are bonds of friendship I hear.

Should a friendship grow I’ll crush it.

Of this closeness I cannot risk.

I’ve learned by lesson.

To refrain is my protection,

In Places In The Heart.

And yet it’s the thing I need the most.

In fact I long for what others boast.

This kind of Love I need the most.

Should I care that I’m alone,

in Places In The Heart?

My security is so fragile,

amidst a crumbling floor.

Shouldn’t my sad expression,

be to obvious to ignore?

Help is needed,

relief denied,

a curtain drawn to hide my life,

In Places In The Heart.

To distinguish truth among the lies,

To search for hope, I’m not sure why,

I dare not dream,

In Places In The Heart.

But look!

Is that a glimmer of hope I see?

Can it be for me?

Has my God found in me,

a Heart that is pure?

Because I have been given,

the strength to endure,

Those Places In The Heart.

Of the family I have made,

I have found joy repaid.

Of this Love I shall be sustained,

In Places In The Heart.

Abuse is the absence of Love,

and Love is the cure that mends it.

because Love can excel,

beyond the past.

Love can lift the mask.

Love can shatter those shielded walls,

that I have built so wide and tall.

Love can be there to calm my fears.

Love can erase all those years,

and mend the wounds and dry the tears,

In Places In The Heart.

Linda Booth


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