Tuesday was our 36th Wedding Anniversary. I was sick! How awful. I had planned this fancy dinner for us with my fine china and crystal. I was planning on putting candles everywhere. I wanted it to be very romantic as we never do anything like this and it was about time. I had told my husband in advance what I was planning and he sounded pleased with the idea. Saturday we shared a celebratory carvel ice cream cake with our four daughters. This as been a tradition ever since they were little. They expect it every year… even now that they are grown. We wouldn’t dream of leaving them out of the celebration. So Saturday was really nice. We all had a great time.

Monday we went out to dinner as a couple. We had a nice dinner. We haven’t done this in months. Well when Tuesday rolled around I tried to get into the excitement of the day. But I began to feel nauseous and I ask my husband if it would be ok if we postponed the dinner. He agreed. I think he felt really bad for me. It was a disappointment for us both. I am still not quite feeling well yet. Perhaps next week I will surprise him with the dinner out of the blue.

We have been together since we were kids. I was only 18 when I got married and pregnant quickly afterwards. Our years together have been for the most part very good. Of course we all experience difficult periods of time throughout a marriage but together as a couple we got through. We have both found great joy in raising our daughters. We made it our most important job in life. This is as it should be.  I am hopeful that next year as we celebrate this special day together that all goes well.


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