The Fourth of July

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with blonde hair and blue eyes thirty five years ago today. The nurses all said she came in with a big bang. She had a picture of fireworks in her bassinette at the hospital. She is my first born. I was only nineteen years old. Being a mom so young presented many challenges but I made it through all that and now she is a beautiful young woman. I am very proud of her. She has her masters in psychology. She now has children of her own. She is doing a wonderful job raising them.

My Grandma was born on the Forth of July as well. She has passed many years ago but we use to have a double party. We had her birthday party and the 4th picnic on the same day. It was a lot of fun.

I love fireworks. I think they are so exciting to watch. How often do you get to look up at the sky to see it light up in the most amazing way. Its like endorphins for the eyes. I don’t like the bangs though. I could do without that.

Today I am home. Its just me and my husband. Not much going on. I am watching movies all day. They always do fireworks around where I live every year so later on tonight I will sit out on the roof and observe this wonderful party in the sky.


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