God’s Gift

The morning was bright with the colors of green,
as I sat down on the picnic table to read.
As I looked from under the old maple tree,
what to my surprise did my wide open eyes see.
The most beautiful butterfly captured in flight.
Its colors were yellow and blue, pleasure for my sight.
This vision in color that caught my eye,
was circling around me many times.
What was the reason to which I can see,
Perhaps to brighten this sad feeling inside of me.
How could it know that I needed it so.
It just flew around performing its show.
Is there a lesson given to me?
What was the reason for this vision?
Is it that I did not appreciate what I am given.
Is that the reason for the sad feeling?
Perhaps I should choose a mood more appealing.
As I plucked a beautiful rose,
I watched as this butterfly landed on my nose.
As I took in the fragrance of this bright pink flower,
suddenly the sky dropped a light summer shower.
You would think that the butterfly would fly away.
But it just circled around halfway.
For what was the reason?
What did this beauty bring?
Just then I noticed my sad mood change.
Now its on the upswing.
Perhaps this being the reason.
I must appreciate the beauty of the season.
Sometimes I have to admit that I forget,
to put my feelings aside and glory in Gods gifts.
To treasure the beauty of things he has made,
Bad mood aside,
this is the conclusion to which I came.
Tears of joy I display,
thanks to the butterfly,
that wouldn’t go away.
Thanks to our heavenly father,
and his gifts.
For through this beauty,
our bad moods can lift!
The summer rain has,
changed to sunshine.
this beauty is for all.
But today it is mine.

Linda Booth


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