The Most Amazing Blue Eyes


It seems that whatever I focus my mind on could make or brake my day.
I need to appreciate my family more. If I focus my attention on my appreciation for what I have been given I become so over-joyed. Its a natural high. I am truly fortunate to be surrounded by so much love despite my early beginnings.
I feel gifted with the most amazing husband. I met him when I was just sixteen years old. We were high school sweet hearts sort-a-speak. He went to Oliver Wolcott Tech and I went to Wolcott High.
It seems strange that I met a guy who went to a high school that had the same word in it that my high school did. It was obviously Wolcott. But they were two different towns. Do you think there was some strange connection with this. Its kinda cool. Well when I first saw him standing there by his Dodge Dart I was captivated by his amazing blue eyes. I had to find out who he was. He hung around with some of the same friends that I did. That very day that I saw him standing there by his car, I had to ask my best friend who he was. She said, “His name is Clyde”. She asked, “Do you want me to tell him that you like him. I being shy and naive said, “I don’t know.
In time I was introduced to him”. It turns out that he began hanging around with my oldest brother. One day my brother had Clyde over to play monopoly. I had just washed my hair and needed the hair dryer. It just so happened to be in my brothers room where he was playing monopoly with Clyde. I shyly peeked in to ask for the hair dryer but my brother said,”come on in and you can play with us. So here I was with messy dripping wet hair and my brother wants me to sit down and play monopoly with this guy that I like. How embarrassing. Clyde just welcomed me and made me feel at ease. I was relieved that he did not even judge the way that I must have looked. What a way to look when you meet your soul mate for the first time. One day while driving home from a friends house Clyde asked me, “do you think that your dad would mind if I call you to talk on the phone? I said I don’t think he would mind and so he called. That first phone call lasted long past an hour.
We seemed to hit it off. We talked about everything from dating to how many children we would have if we got married. My dad thought it was cute that I had a boyfriend.
We had a first date. He bought me a bouquet of red roses. I still, thirty five years later, have the wrapper from the flowers that he gave me. It was a perfect first date. I married that guy and have been happily for 36 years with four beautiful daughters (two with his beautiful blue eyes) and eight grandchildren. Our daughters are 21,22,34,and 35. The two older ones are the ones with the children. We are both grateful that they are so successful in their lives. Despite what I have been through in the past I have been given this wonderful life and I feel truly blessed. This does not mean that I don’t have difficulties with the trauma from childhood but it does make dealing with a little easier!


2 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Blue Eyes

  1. So lovely you have your soul mate. Your so right on enst we focus our minds on. I hope you only have positive focuses and continue to thrive with your life.


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