I have not written in a while. I really want to make it a goal to write at least three times a week.

I have been going through a lot of emotional stuff lately.

I learned through DBT, ( Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), that we have a rational mind and an emotional mind but when separate they don’t serve us very well. If we combine our rational and emotional minds then we get what is called in DBT, the wise mind. The wise mind enables us to make responsible decisions. It also helps in understanding the difficulty’s that come from dealing with childhood trauma. I have to admit that even with all my DBT training I still have many moments when I feel pure emotions. At these times there is no logical sense to what I am feeling. It is in this state that I make irrational responses to negative situations like the trauma from my past. When reliving trauma a person although an adult now will tend to regress as details of the events are discussed. I am going through this now. I know in hindsight that the things that I sometimes say or do make no logical sense but the emotions felt are very honest, pure and real. It is so important for me to be validated for what happened. There was no one in my childhood who helped me. I was alone. There was no one to know what was happening to me. As I grew into an adult I felt a strong need to finally be validated for all those horrors. Thankfully this is happening now for me in therapy. There is a relief that comes with reveling the trauma and having someone show compassion for the little girl in me.

DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) Marsha Linahan


4 thoughts on “DBT

  1. You state the intense deep trauma a child suffers who then must be silent about her wounding, so very succinctly. And how it affects her later, and/or all through life. I’m, sorry you know its effects so well, and so very sorry you went through such horrors.


    1. Thank you so much for your warm and kind comment. It is so appreatiated. It is true that those who have been through trauma as a child understand and can relate from a very personal perspective….that of a survivor. It is truly sad that there are so many of yesterdays children that suffer most of there lives. If only those who harm children could understand the damage they can cause and that it would be so far-reaching into that child’s future.
      Once again thank you for commenting. It was very validating.

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