Create Create Create


We could all produce boring mundane work and people might still read it. But to be fun writing must be creative. There should be a playfulness about it. Our writing should not just educate. It should inspire readers. If our work is good it can cause a ripple effect in the way that it captures readers hearts and minds. They may be impelled in someway to make changes by what we write. In might even inspire creativity within them.

Creativity can be so much fun. We are all made in our Heavenly Fathers image and likeness and we too have the ability to create. We imagine and then bring to life in actuality. This is our true gift as humans. How boring would life be without it. Imagine in your mind’s eye the limitless possibilities. Take words for example, we could write, the cow jumped over the moon. We could also write,the enormous black cow leaped without effort past the moon and back in seconds. Which is more interesting. We could paint a canvas with blue paint and then paint a shape or two and call it done or we could create a masterpiece. Its all about how much effort you want to put forth and also about what results you want.

No doubt there is much joy to be had by using our gift of creativity. We all have it. There is no right or wrong way to go about it. The skies the limit.

For me creativity seems to come in waves. There are times that I do nothing and times that my mind is filled with a plethora of ideas. I never worry when creativity leaves me as it will most assuredly come back with full excitement to start anew.


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