Gratefulness is an adjective defined as warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received.
Gratefulness helps us find peace with our circumstances by freeing us from the resentment in our lives. As long as we are only mildly thankful, we give thanks for what we view beneficial,
However we retain the lurking fear that something harmful could happen instead. To be grateful is more. It is our courageous trust that life it self is good, if we only allow ourselves to receive its gift. This gift is the potential to either fully accept or to change what each moment in life brings.
At the very moment we trust in this truth, we gain peace. A person who is at peace is more likely to give this example of peace to others.
Since fear seems to be the root to why all is wrong with the world then we can start healing the world by overcoming fear through gratefulness.
Gratefulness can be contagious. When others see you give than they feel compelled to have this same giving spirit. Giving is always proof that a person is grateful for there life and what they acquire.
Our Heavenly Father most assuredly wants us to be grateful for all that he provides. Where would we be without him? What would we have without him? What can we do without him? Appreciating our live as a whole helps us to not “sweat the small stuff”. Gratefulness can be freeing from the damages of the past. If we just realize the value of our life and the potential to make it all that it can be than we won’t fear the unknown so much. Our gratefulness will free us.


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