When I was little my dad would always take us to an amusement park every year without fail. It was usually Quassey Amusement Park. This park was always special to him because when he was a kid he would always swim the lake with his friends. When we would get there the first thing that I wanted to do was ride the carousel. I would always take my time and pick just the right horse. When I got on and it started in motion I felt a thrill that I never experienced anywhere else in my childhood. It was pure joy for me. I would imagine within its rhythmic winding motion that I could just ride the horse that I was on right off the carousel and into the sky. I felt like could fly and just for that one special day a year I felt safe from harm.

I wrote this Carousel Poem:

Whimsical Carousel,

how powerful your charm.

Your fantasy world,

shall cause no harm.

A glimmer and sparkle,

of jewels and lace.

A pose of strength,

and honor and grace.

A mystical magical,

thing of beauty,

to dazzle those,

old and young.

Within your rhythmical winding motion,

ancient stories are waiting to be told.


I sketch and paint carousel horses as well.

My Dad was an amazing artist and seem to  prefer painting carousels also.

He painted a huge carousel painting for me and it was beautifully framed. I think he thought he

was trying to give me a piece of my childhood back. However that would  never ever be possible for he stole it away.

He was a very talented man and yet obviously very ill in his head.

He died of lung cancer back in 2006.



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