Warm winds courageously whisper through,

blowing open the curtains of time.

Revealing a hideous crime.

Army’s of light march through.

Colors of every hue,

to escort the shame,

and all the hidden pain,

self-blame and disdain.

Love is the gentle breeze,

that flows through the darkness,

revealing a beautiful light.

This light carries with it a kaleidoscope of wonder,

to fill the emptiness inside.

Truly a treasure to behold.

A change for this lonesome soul.

Winding its way through the tunnels of time,

sorting out the truth and the lies.

Revealing treasure along the way.

Thoughts of yesterday blast back through,

and everything gets confused.

Day is struck by night.

Suddenly I am blinded from my own insight.

Why must the night continuously try to conquer the day?

Once again wonderment is lost.

Abuse has paid such a high cost

and of my own life I am not the boss.

Once again it is time to hide.

This cycle of agony speaks to me,

of what was stolen and tossed aside.

The journey is the continued search for wonder,

The answers in the rain.

The reasons for the pain.

The journey is long and exhausting.

The stories told along the way,

are frightening and gray,

But where there is a journey taken,

there is a destination, a revelation,

revealing worth, dignity and hope.

Where there is caring for ones self there is growth.

Like a kaleidoscope life is always changing.

Many different colors,

Many different hues.

Within this wonder there is an important clue.

Yes this life was meant for you.

You have cleared away the sorrow and the pain.

Just look at what you have gained.

The darkness is changing into a kaleidoscope of light.

There is no more return into the night.

This reward is yours, your treasure is insight.

As this process of your life falls into place,

you get a different view,

a vibrant new view,

as colors change from gray to bright.

Shining there illuminating rays of insight,

The beauty of life makes no demands,

as we see ourselves rearrange,

but to just enjoy,

this kaleidoscope of change.


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