A life among the living and yet detached,

coming to the conclusion,

that I must act.

A decision not easily won.

There are questions still unanswered.

Still so much left undone.

But I dig deep within my soul.

Discovering mistakes I’ve made,

and damage from long ago.

To change I am not so convinced.

I pondered within my mind,

that they are to futile to fix.

For they are many and great,

and so routed in life,

that I deem such a magnitude of waist.

It seems there is no persuasion to insist,

or a resolution made in time.

Just a decision to not exist.

In questioning a life like mine,

is there more value and purpose?

to this consideration I seek to find.

Every life is cherished from a mind that’s so advanced.

I must not come to the conclusion,

or speculate an accident made by chance.

There is a great decision made and given to my birth.

A life designed and so detailed.

To this beauty I must not hurt!

Linda B.

This Poem Is Dedicated To My Heavenly Father

And To All Of Those Who Hurt.



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